Our firm's skilled and up-to-date experts are waiting for your questions of computerics.

Special fields are developing softwares, programming PLC and microelectronical tools, and telecommunication technology.

We help those, who need servicing, assembling their PC or installing, configuring hardware, software. Of course you can count on us if you have problems with other computer-controlled tools. 

Impulse- and overvoltage protection

The life span of both industrial and household appliances or high fidelity instruments can significantly be shortened by the overload caused by overvoltage. The breakdown of the machine is mostly the immediate consequence of overvoltage. This effect can pe presumed by buying the suitable protecting instrument. We help you find the suitable tools and install them.

Enviromental and health protection

The evadable and so senseless destruction of the enviroment is to be prevented, if in industrial or in household degree. The Y-SOFT Ltd. lets you minimalize the damages you can cause in the nature. We offer you consultation in topics like home sewage cleaning, recycling, using alternate sources of energy. We provide you with information first of all in building up systems promoting powersafe management, household and industrial sewage handling and drinking water dechlorization. We help you find the needed financial supplies, governmental or other assistance.



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