Internet services

Organizing entries

Y-SOFT Ltd. is since December 2000 the partner of Enternet 2001 Ltd., one of the four landwide Internet provider in Hungary. Our firm organises the widest possibility of Internet useage provided by Enternet in the phone area (54) and (52), via normal dial-up connection, via ISDN or even ADSL.

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Website editing and publishing

Our firm creates your homepage, with individual high quality graphics in accordance with the instructions for both its registrated and other clients. We even publish the complete webpages on the Internet and type its keywords into the most popular search engines to make every interested being able to link your sites.

Observing the changes of datas and topics

If you would like to be instantly noticed about the changing of a special website or database, or you are interested in a special topic and want to be informed of the related URLs, you can order our firm observing the Web fou you. With our incessantly online servers we observe the Internet non-stop.

Editing advertisement and promoting on the Web

If your firm has no trace on the Web or you want to attract the attention of websurfers to your product, we will help you organizing your e-promotion campaign. We create your advertisements and place them at the high traffic junctions of the electronic highway.



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