Our firm organises courses for interested in computerics in the following topics:

Basic computerics
Editing (Word)
Charts (Excel)
Databases (dBase, Access)
Presentation and Publishing (PowerPoint, FrontPage)
Internet Browsers (Explorer, Netscape, NetCaptor)

After the courses our students can take the exams at accredited examining institutes.

Using the Internet

In the framework of a series of lectures about the meaning, construction, system, useage and future of Internet, the students of the course can get a deeper inspection about the service types of the Web. The course is multi-level, with the attained knowledge you can use the Internet with secure and confidence. The targeted application of up-to-date telecommunication possibilities can result success.

The two-level course:

Beginner in Internet
Website editing for beginners 

Language courses in German

You can master the useage of German language in an easy, entertaining way in small groups of 2-3 students. We are waiting first of all those application, who want to learn. In the lessons we promote the students not only to understand but to be able to use the language by well-prepared programs and many situation-practices. After the course the examination will be a game for you, and of course we will organise the application to the exam for you.

You can apply to these courses at and by all of our contacts.



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